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Ticket Technology are suppliers of ticketing products to the transport, parking and leisure markets. Our products suit most ticketing needs and include standalone ticket machines, locally hosted systems and web-connected solutions with live ticketing and web-based reporting being the latest offerings. 

Users of our products include Bus Operators, Community Transport, Parking, Ferry, Fairground, Clubs, Queue Busting, Tourist Attractions, Councils and Event Organisers. For a more complete list please see the bottom of the page, but our machines are always finding new uses, so if your application or use is not listed please ask. 

Ticket Technology products provide high levels of reliability and revenue control integrity. Most of our staff have been in the ticketing industry for many years and we are well aware that these are requirements for a successful ticketing business. 

We have a modern line-up of products but can supply a few old favourites too. All products are keenly priced and will give many years of reliable service.

The software for most of our machines is written in-house to ensure it is easy and intuitive to use. Plus we can add new developments to meet new needs quickly and economically.

We still support Almex A90 and Almex Microfare and can produce software configurations for them. We can also provide fare editing and other support services for these old Almex stalwarts.


Connected Ticketing Solutions

Web connected ticketing provides a high level of functionality but without the requirement for any software or hardware installation that were traditionally required. Our web based ticketing provides for live reporting and web-based machine management. Many of our machines can be used with the web based back office either via WIFI or 3G/4G connection. The Tixiom T1M and Ultrafare Pro Handheld are our current state of the art machines which offer state of the art features including always on connection and GPS. More details of the web-based system and the ITSO certified T1M to follow... or if you need more information sooner please contact us.

Connected Systems normally require some discussion so if you are interested please give us a nudge.

Standard Ticketing Products

Standard ticketing usually means standalone machines - where the devices operate independently and don't need any internet connection or any other back office software. 

Our standalone system provides editing facilities so you can change ticket names, prices and can enter company details for printing. If this sounds daunting, don't worry, it's much easier than it sounds and we will set up the machine to your requirements initially.

Most of our machines are available in standalone form.
Casio IT3000 and Almex Mobile are typical but advanced machines such as Tixiom T1M and Ultrafare Pro Handheld  can also be used standalone. 

Some standard items are sometimes available in 
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Legacy Machines And Systems

We still offer support for Almex A90 and Microfare machines though we no longer offer these for sale and we do not offer a repair service other than for machines that we have supplied to customers.  

If you are looking for low cost options please ask as we normally have some low cost alternatives in stock.

Bespoke Solutions -  We have a track record of successful software development and can undertake special/bespoke solutions at reasonable prices. Please let us know if you have any special requirement. 
Typical Recent examples:-
- we need a system to sell tickets for scheduled trips/tours/performances where each tour has a limited capacity.
- we need to work in several different currencies but always calculated change in local currency
- we usually sell individual tickets but for large groups we want supermarket type tickets
- we need to apply special discounts to some tickets


Rental and Event Ticketing - We have a stock of modern machines available for long or short-term rent. These are ideal for event ticketing as they are easy to use and require minimal staff training. We will configure the machines to your requirements and can provide support staff during your event if required. Please contact us for a competitive quote. 

We are now taking orders for events this year and offer competitive terms. If you are new to ticketing we will guide you through the options so that we provide a solution that matches your needs. For further details please see our Ticket Machine Rental page.

Service and Support - We offer high levels of support and know that our reputation is built on the experience we provide for our customers. .

Consultancy - We are specialists in ticketing systems and ticketing system implementation and can undertake ticketing system design and other consultancy projects. Or if you need skilled experienced C/C++/C# embedded developers or web developers on your ticketing projects please ask.

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  • Service Bus Operations
  • School Transport 
  • Community Transport 
  • Heritage Rail 
  • Ferry Operations
  • Event Ticketing
  • Land Train Operation
  • Handheld and Kiosk Parking 
  • Leisure Attraction Admission
  • Boating Lakes
  • Funfairs and Fairgrounds
  • Club Admission
  • Queue Busting
  • Product Promotions (Free/reduced entry/voucher)
We like adding more so please enquire if your application isn't listed or let us know if we've supplied you but have forgotten to include your application.