Casio IT3000/IT3100

Robust Reliable Touch Screen Handheld Ticket Machine

  Casio IT3000/IT3100

The Casio IT3000/IT3100 is a good compromise between high performance and low price. Casio handhelds are known in the industry as being the best machines in terms of robustness and reliability and with our intuitive software this makes it a compelling ticket machine offering. 

We generally supply Casio IT3000/IT3100 with standalone software for small operations but it can be specified for stored fare operation using either a local back office or cloud-connected back office. 

The Casio is ideal where speed is less important than robustness and definitely comes recommended if your machines are likely experience a bit of rough treatment.

Even when supplied with standalone software the Casio handhelds allow data to be exported in spreadsheet format.

Casio IT3000/Casio IT3100 can be used in conjunction with our cloud-based back office.

  • IT3000 ticket machine - used machines in stock 
  • IT3100 ticket machine - limited numbers in stock
  • IT3000/IT3100 power adapter/charger - in stock
  • IT3000/IT3100 power cradle - in stock
  • IT3000/IT3100 carry cases - please ask.

Casio in Cradle
Charging Cradle (Optional extra)