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Almex A90

Almex A90 Vehicle Mounted Electronic Ticket Machine
Almex A90 is a low-cost versatile vehicle mounted ticket machine. It can be configured through software to support system operation (with driver module) or operate in standalone mode where there is no connection to a PC or back office system.
The A90 is a robust and reliable machine built to last.  These machines give good service and suffer from few problems. They are outlasting many newer machines which have often been engineered down to a price using inferior materials whereas the A90 is solidly built through and through.
The A90 has a thermal printer with cutter and these require no routine maintenance.  It uses 54mm or 70mm wide thermal paper rolls which are available from several suppliers.

Typical Applications

Bus Ticketing
The most common use for almex A90 is on-bus ticketing and they are in use throughout the UK in this role. In standalone mode they are well suited to small operations and school runs.

Funfair Rides/Stalls 
The Almex A90 is ideal for mass printing ride/stall tickets at funfairs and fairgrounds. In this scenario the operator prints tickets in batches and sells these as ride/stall tokens often in bundles of 5 or 10. Using ride tickets/tokens this way reduces the use of cash and this helps security and reduces fraud. As a further deterrent to fraud the A90's admin functions can be used to vary the ticket text frequently and special papers can be used.
Availability - available by special order only. Please use the "contact us" form.