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Almex Optima

Vehicle or Kiosk Mounted Electronic Ticket Machine

Almex Optima is a WIndows CE based ticket machine that provides intuitive ease of use.  All necessary information is presented on the 1/4 VGA screen and the user needs only to select the key alongside the relevant option. 

The machine is soft-configured so adding new tickets or changing other operation is straightforward and requires little or no driver retraining because the changes are apparent from the on-screen prompts.
  • Fast graphics printer with cutter
  • Includes WIFI data transfer as standard. No driver modules are required.
  • Can be supplied with standalone software for use on bus or in kiosks.
  • Uses 80mm wide paper - a common size available from most paper suppliers.
  • Large paper roll minimises downtime for paper roll changes.
Availability - we  have a few used/reconditioned machines in stock.