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Tixiom T1M

Bus Ticket Machine for Connected Ticketing

   Hardware Features
  • Integrated 3G/4G modem
  • Integrated GPS module
  • Optional integrated ITSO card reader
  • Integrated Fast thermal Printer
  • Robust 7" touch screen
  • Small footprint
  • Locks onto baseplate
 Software Features
  • Live Ticketing
  • Live Tracking
  • Auto stage advance
  • Schedule adherence
  • With or without ITSO card support
  • Very easy to use

The easiest to use bus ticket machine available on the market today.  

The Tixiom T1M offers advanced bus ticketing in a compact package.

The machine is designed for cloud-based live ticketing. With its 3G/4G modem it is always on line and each ticket is reported to the web-based database as it is issued and data are available instantly for reporting.

The machine is managed via a cloud-based package which provides editors for network, fares, schedule, machine configuration and driver management. 

Reporting is also cloud-based with ticket data being bang up-to-date thanks to the always-on nature of the machine.

GPS tracking is included. GPS positons are reported via the cloud-based software allowing deviations from schedule to be quickly identified and corrected. Additionally deviations from schedule are reported immediately to the driver.

Messaging option allow drivers to be made aware of necessary changes to trips, delays etc. 

Now available with one-year of network data included.