If you need handheld, kiosk or bus type ticket machines on a short or medium term basis then rental is a good option. Ticket Technology have a large stock of 
modern, high specification machines available for rent and we can meet most requirements for ticket machine rental. The machines will be carefully chosen to suit your specific needs and we will perform any necessary software configurations before supplying the machines. 

Reliable Products and Professional Service 
For rental business we are well aware that reliability is essential as the situation is pressured with a flow of customers to handle. And staff using rental machines are usually inexperienced, often part-time, casual or volunteers and the opportunities for training are limited. These factors demand that the equipment is rugged and reliable but is also easy to use. Consequently we supply machines with intuitive software which are configured exactly to each customers requirements.

Our standard software can be configured to handle most rental requirements. But in the unlikely case that it cannot meet a particular need we are able to customise it to suit.

Accounting for your Takings 
As well as printing tickets on the day our machines provide strong accounting functions so that revenue for ticket sales can be closely monitored. The end-of-shift report provides a revenue summary so that the potential for fraud is minimised. Queries can be pursued using the admin functions on the machine as these allow end shift reports to be reprinted for further review.

Reporting on Sales 
The machines keep a detailed track of all tickets sold and we are able to provide this detail in spreadsheet form to our rental customers. For short rentals this is usually done after the event has finished and for longer term rentals we provide support and training so that customers can obtain the detailed reports for themselves. 

In either case the report provides fine detail and the ability to analyse sales on a number of factors, and this can help improve decision making for future events. 

Our Experience
We have successfully supplied rental equipment for short term use to some of the biggest events in the UK and have also supplied rental equipment to other major attractions on season-long rentals. We can supply references on request.

We have also supplied small organisations and are happy to quote for your exact needs.

Enquiries and Quotes 
Please complete the Rental Enquiry form to let us know your requirements. Alternatively if you prefer the phone see the Contact Us page.

Typical request for rental
We find that really there is no typical request, and we treat every enquiry as individual. But recent requests that we have recently satisfied are:-
  • "We need a working handheld machine for a few days for use in a film."
  • "We need a large number of machines for a few days each year."
  • "We need machines for a few days every month through the spring and summer months."
  • "We need several ticket machines over the long weekend as we are putting on an event."