Other Applications

Cloakroom Ticketing

The T1M machine can be used for cloakroom ticketing and in this application it prints multi part tickets. Typically one ticket part is printed for the customer and another is printed for the coat-hanger, but 3 and 4 part versions are also available. The various parts can be configured with printable items as required. Multiple operators are supported with each operator signing on with a PIN before issuing tickets and sales are assigned to operators with the X-read and Z-read summarising sales by operator.

Cloakroom Ticketing machines are available for sale or rental.

Token Printing

Our machines can be configured to print a variety of items and are suitable for printing tokens. For example food sample tokens at food shows.


Our handheld machines are particularly suitable for on-street promotions of businesses. For example for producing "free entry" or "free drink" tickets for bars/clubs etc. 

Queue busting

Handheld machines are ideal for ticket sales to reduce queues at ticket offices, club entrances etc.

For further information on these or other applications please enquire using the Contact Us form.