Ticketing Systems

Cloud Ticketing Systems

Historically each ticket machine installation had its own local back office usually running on a PC in the depot/office and data would be transferred from the machines using a data module. Luckily those days are gone and the need for any local infrastructure is gone - everything is done on line!

Cloud based ticketing systems now allow you to manage your system and report on your tickets and revenue without any hardware or software installation. Everything runs in your internet browser so you can do it on most devices including your phone. For serious work you will probably want to work with a bigger screen though.

Another advantage is that we can help you out. If you don't have the time or inclination to make your own changes or if you have a problem that you cannot resolve you may grant us access so that we can help you out. We don't need to travel to site so this saves us time and saves you money. 

Cloud Data Editors and Machine Management 
Modern ticketing is about much more than printing tickets and Ticket Technology provide high functionality systems to complement the machines. WIth the Tixiom cloud-based ticketing system allows machines to be configured and managed via the web and provides web based reporting.  Of course for this to work the machines must connect to the internet using WIFI or 3G/4G. 

The web-based editors supports bus systems down to stop level and duty/schedule management. Used with GPS enabled machines this allows for schedule adherence information to be supplied to drivers and operators alike.

Cloud Reporting
We provide web-based reporting and this allows tickets to be reported as soon as they are issued. Again the software is browser based so there's no software to install. You can check the days takings using your phone or other mobile device and can check that your operators have started their shifts while you are still in bed. Currently reports are available for reporting by driver, machine, service, ticket class and we are adding new reports as there there is a requirement. Because the system is on line you get access to new reports without needing to install any extra software.

Machines for the Cloud based System
To use the web-based editor the machine needs to be able to connect to the internet. A machine with 3G/4G can connect to the Internet when on service away from base whereas a WIFI connected machine can only connect where there is other suitable WIFI connection. It is possible to use the web based system with intermittent internet access (eg WIFI machine with WIFI only available at base) but live ticketing and tracking are then not possible.

   Machine Web based Back Office 
        ---full support---
   Tixiom T1M Yes (3G and GPS options)
   Ezifare Yes (WIFI/3G/4G and GPS options)
        ---limited support---
   Ultrafare Pro Yes (3G and GPS options)
   Casio IT9000 Yes (WIFI)
        ---legacy support---
   Casio IT3000/3100 Yes (WIFI option - no 3G)
   Almex Optima Yes (WIFI option)
        ---no support---
   Almex A90 No
   Almex MF3 No